The sprinkles of my past begin well before the age of 18, but that is where my chef training officially took form.  I was educated at the Art Institute of Seattle.  From that point on I have accomplished some really amazing things

Finally,  my most cherished accomplishments are my three boys.  I am blessed by my amazing family and am thankful for all the love that we share!

nationwide cupcake delivery


WOW! The level of quality that comes from this boutique baker is 5 star all the way.

As a real estate agent I can’t wait to order some cupcakes for my clients! I can order them online and expect them to be delivered without ever having to turn on the oven or drive them over myself! 

John, Scottsdale,AZ

Bringing smiles to faces

is what baking’s all about! 

Many of the best moments in my life revolved around my love for creating beautiful and delicious food.  Baking is a very natural process for me and a passion that is far from work.  When I feed people and see their happiness overflowing it makes my heart whole.  There are very few things that will turn a frown upside-down like a cupcake. 

Sharing and spreading the love is really what my life’s purpose is about.  Who knew that spreading frosting would be like spreading joy and love!  I am here to tell you that it absolutely is and I am beyond grateful to have been self-employed for over 14 years in a business creating and sharing love with the world.

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